Structuring a Path to Development. 

The Learning Safari programs have been developed around a theme-based curriculum with components like literature, learning centres, music, crafts, art projects and science experiments. We teach Itchy's Alphabet that helps with letter/sound recognition and embark on field trips to work on specific skills and build up each child’s self esteem. 


A Safari for the Whole Family

The Learning Safari is a family environment. We are a parent participation preschool that provides parents with the opportunity to be involved in their child’s early school years.  “Parent Volunteers” are expected to attend and work alongside their child’s class once every 6 weeks (approximately 5 – 6 times per school year).

Programs for Adventurous Learners

Learning should be fun and memorable. Every single day, in each program we offer, we set out to make that happen.

Check Out Our Programs for Adventurous Learners: