One moment, they’re forming words. The next, they’re shaping worlds.

A core concept of The Learning Safari is to look at each moment in your child’s growth potential as opportunities to feed curiosity and instinct. The speed at which young minds develop is amazing. Our classes capitalize on this with age-appropriate activities focused on learning and fun at every stage.

We are driven to positively shape the lives of children, families, and communities. Our way of making that happen is delivering high quality preschool experiences.


Why Embark With Us • Natural Learning

We awaken a passion for learning by demonstrating that learning is fun. This isn’t a reinvention of early education, it’s a structured approach of observing and adjusting to the way people are best inclined to learn naturally.   

The preschool years are crucial in your child’s development. So much can be discovered and absorbed, and each day provides a new opportunity to wonder, think, observe and create. When children can explore, experience and experiment with their environment, their development is strengthened and nurtured. Our play-first methodology makes the most of this.