We prepare children for life. The Learning Safari has created a proprietary developmentally appropriate curriculum with supporting programs, method and activities. We’re Moving Up! gives your child more well-rounded foundation for the future. 

The Learning Safari’s We’re Moving Up! curriculum is designed for children to explore and progress at their own pace. Children discover their own style of learning as they create opportunities, accomplish tasks and learn new skills in a fun, empowering environment.


Why Create the We’re Moving Up! Curriculum?

Children are naturally inquisitive—they take pride in their accomplishments and love to be praised for them. Every day, there are sightings of new and exciting developments—from new words to gross and fine motor skills. We’re Moving Up! treats those sightings as opportunities, helping each individual child get the most out of their time with us.

Areas of Development 

Language Arts and Literacy

Your child will listen to stories, retell them, sing and say simple rhymes. As children begin to recognize print through the learning center signs and identify letters and their names, we propel language development with dramatic play, blocks, transportation, the library center, and more. 


We’ll guide your child in learning how to sort objects and sequence items. Children practice counting beads and blocks, and begin solving simple math problems. Our teachers also encourage children to identify similarities and differences within groups of objects. 


This is perfect place to practice observation and problem solving skills. There’s so much to explore. Children have fun discovering the basic science of people, plants, animals and weather. And we do too!

Social and Emotional Development: 

Your child will learn, play, take turns and share with friends in a comfortable environment. Our teachers work one-on-one with each child to help cultivate a better sense of self. And the children learn constructive ways to express emotions and how to communicate effectively.  

Gross and Fine Motor Development

Together, we work on important basics like walking in a straight line, walking backwards, jumping, throwing, catching, balancing on one foot and hopping. Our supportive atmosphere motivates children to develop new skills. Activities that support this include time with playdough, crayons, markers, puzzles and more. We actively encourage children to practice scribbling—it’s especially thrilling when those scribbles begin to resemble letters and words. We also empower children to feed themselves during snack time, do up their coats, and wash and dry their hands independently.